I studied chemistry and remembered salt being ionic can be measured using electrical conductivity. So I created a mashup for farmers to find salt levels on their property.

What it does

It mashes up groundwater data from Queensland Dept of Natural Resources and Mines with Google Maps and allows the person to drill down by river and type of bore to find relevant bores near them for salt readings.

How I built it

I imported DNRM groundwater data from into MySQL and then mashed it up with Google Maps. I visited Home Hill in the Burdekin River area of North Queensland to do a video and test idea out with cane farmers.

Challenges I ran into

The data was too old so I had to contact DNRM DBA to get the right table to have 3 monthly data instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was unique and not done before. DNRM would like to use it as well as Canegrowers.

What I learned

I had to work out codes for river basins.

What's next for Salt Table Helper

Do an Android version with better GUI possibly using Xamarin or native Android SDK.

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