The idea was extracted from talking to salons and asking them what their 'pains' are. After that, we spent the last 1.5 years learning about salons, their operations, and more pain points.

What it does

A system for salons to manage customer bookings, and an interface for customers to make bookings. The system gathers user data, and generates useful analytics and graphs for salons to improve their business model. The system includes tools for salons to connect to their customers via email and SMS and improve their repeat customer rate. Salon Front Desk also offers a platform for general users to discover and make bookings for salons -- a Yelp tailored for salons.

How we built it

Using the most stable technology currently in the industry, our product is designed and architected to scale while maintaining stability and robustness.

Challenges we ran into

We first thought all salons were our customers; but after talking to more and more salons, we found out that this is not the case. We need to find more salon owners like our current clients, because there is a higher chance that they experience the exact same or at least similar pains.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Compared to our competitors that operate in the business for ~20 years with ~50,000 clients, our platform is 3-6x faster and able to transfer 2x more data.

What we learned

Not everyone can be our customer. We try to get really specific into building an end user profile.

What's next for Salon Front Desk

We already have a product, a minimal sellable product, that customers are willing to pay for. We have validated our concept and we are looking to take this to the next level and penetrate the market.

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