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Many salons currently handle payments/bookings inefficiently through phone calls, pen, and paper. After the COVID-19 pandemic, salons can anticipate an influx of customers, which can be overwhelming. Our goal with this application is to help digitize appointment based service businesses and streamline their operations using Square technology. Additionally, businesses who want to increase their customer base and customer loyalty can utilize our application, which has loyalty points built in.

What it does

Users get to put in their availability on the app and the app will find them the nearest salons closest to their preferences. Users will be able to book the appointment, add it to their calendar and pay all through the app.

How I built it

The entire application's UI/UX was designed using Figma. The frontend is built with React.js, Redux and includes the Square React Card Component. It communicates with our backend Python Flask API which queries data from MongoDB and accesses Square's Payment, Customer, and Loyalty APIs.

Challenges I ran into

  • Having not worked with Square's APIs before, understanding Nonces and setting up Loyalty took some learning.
  • There were problems with the fake credit card not working with the Loyalty api and some nuances with the Customer creation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.

We created a very flushed out working application in a short amount of time.

What I learned

We learned how to develop using the Square API. We also learned about the business flows of salons and understood the needs of businesses which are still offline.

What's next for AppointMate

We will create the business side of the application since the business needs to accept customers, handle customer base/loyalty, and accept payment.

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