Sally's Financial Disaster was Inspired by the Oregon Trail series and born out of the observation that

What it does

A choose-your-own-adventure web game that uses Javascript to simulate life as a recent CompSci grad named Sally, trying to stay afloat financially while working in a male-dominated field.

How we built it

We used a divide-and-conquer strategy. I took care of the UI design while Winnie and Liz worked on the back-end of things.

Challenges we ran into

We can't get the scripts we came up with to work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all got to work a little bit with JS and none of us were familiar with it at all beforehand! None of us had ever made a game before, now we sort of have one!

What we learned

We learned all about algorithm development when it came to the values we would use in the game. Winnie worked very hard to come up with the functions and math we used.

What's next for Sally's Financial Disaster

We'll have the domain for a year, so there may be an update here or there.

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