Everyday consumers find goods and services they would like to purchase. But either due to budgetary constraints or because they are motivated by a good deal, they wait for a markdown. Unfortunately they miss good buying opportunities because no one has time to keep checking over and over. Retailers miss out because they rely on chance that those customers will happen upon the item when it is marked down. They have to rely on big advertising budgets and what is construed by consumers as spam emails in the hopes that they get the customer to notice. There is a better way.

Saleswatch.club is a browser plugin that allows consumers to select items on retailers websites and save the specific items they are interested in following to a personalized watch list. Saleswatch.club monitors prices so that when an item is marked down, the member is notified via an alert. When the member receives an alert they know it is on something they are specifically interested in and not random noise spam.

Retailers no longer miss out on customers that would otherwise have missed a sale and they receive lots of great data to analyze and improve sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally they can offer "members only" special pricing to Saleswatch.club members to test different schemes and optimize pricing models. Retailers win, consumers win, everybody happy!

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