SalesRun is a indispensable app for busy sales reps on the go. Sales team members can now instantly see where the hottest deals are right from their phone, and plan their next sales trip with just one tap. SalesRun intelligently suggests which cities to visit next based on new leads, size and funnel stage of opportunities in that area, presence of existing customers, and more. Instead of spending valuable time digging for customer data to plan trips, or worse, missing a hot lead because they’re somewhere else, reps can now focus on engaging with customers at the right time and place.

While on a trip, sales reps can now access all the key data on the accounts and leads they're visiting with one tap through SalesRun's saved trips. Review top opportunities, deal size, call a key contact or get directions to a customer site instantly.

Automatically share trip status through SalesRun on Chatter, and effortlessly keep team mates in the loop.

SalesRun is "Travelling. Optimized."

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