Halo explores the real-world possibility of a SalesForce app that is completely context-aware. An experience that shapes it's content based on the people walking around it.

The app was designed in native Objective-C to use Apple's latest Multipeer Connectivity technology introduced in iOS 7. LE Bluetooth and P2P networking is used to rapidly sweep rooms and collect highly targeted information.

NOTE: At least two iOS 7 devices are needed for a successful demo.

Use Case Explored:

The next generation of businessman will be in and out of conferences in minutes.

They will walk into a room and know every person's name, industry and objective before shaking a single hand. They will already know what connections need to be made, and work efficiently.

While they talk, their SalesForce apps will constantly scan the people in the room in real-time and attempt to compute scores to match up faces with business leads in the system. Computed results will be broadcasted to other apps to compare against their calculations and alert their users of people they cannot leave without meeting.

All the while, their activity will be logged by the app and posted to their SalesForce Chatter accounts, where their business teams are already mobilizing on new connections made. No time wasted.

SalesForceHalo, intends to be the stepping stone for this solution.

Provisioned Build Link:

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