I met carlos one day while walking on California Ave on Wheel chair. His phone had fallen 4 times just this year while he was calling and that was his fourth phone. He is an entrepreneur himself. I promised to invent a smart wheel chair, smart navigator stick and smart app called SalesforceForEveryone through which he can do business. Just Say "Company x" it calls Company X, Say HR it will connect to HR, Say Sales it connects to Sales. Say Conference all including HR, Sales, Marketing it calls and conferences everyone. How about sharing the technology with everyone in the world and give an opportunity for gifted class so that everyone can be in business. All SalesForceContacts can be connected and called just with your voice. No more clicks. "SalesForceForEveryoneApp" also pushes the notifications on the Smart watch of your choice, SmartGlasses of your choice along with SmartWheelChair and SmartNavigatorStick which is under development

Meenakshi Ramamoorthi Sanji Networks, Inc

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