Our application, Salesforce On The Go, is developed with Agents in mind. Through use of Google Glass, Android Watches and other wearables, Salesforce On The Go delivers an intuitive and seamless experience in which Agents are able to view caller information, create Activities and Chatter posts based on the incoming and outgoing calls using Google Voice to Text Speech Recognition. 

Imagine you are an Agent traveling to a conference but you need to stay connected to your phone. You are on your way to the conference when you receive an unexpected call which requires your attention. You pull out your phone and greet the caller, but who is calling? You would have to remove the phone from your ear, load Salesforce1, ask the caller to repeat themselves or wait while you look up their information. Overall, this creates a very awkward experience for both you and the caller, but with our application, all the information is presented to you instantly via wearable and creates a fluent experience for both you and the caller.

Our application would be accessible through the Android Play Store and requires no configuration, it just works. That being said, we do not limit our advanced and frequent users to a basic application; users are able to open the application and create prepared messages so that when they finish talking to a customer, they can increase their efficiency even more by simply choosing one of their prepared responses on the watch. This makes Activity Creation as easy as a couple swipes and clicks and only takes literally seconds! 

Since our application works as an extension of Salesforce, our user/customer base is as big and massive as the user/customer base of salesforce itself with virtually no competitors because Android wearables are a very new technology with very little breakthrough in consumer products. Not to mention, because of its use of wearables and wearable notifications – which differ greatly from regular push notifications - this application is not possible through the use of the Force.com platform, which means that implementation of this application is harder than that of the other Force.com applications found on the Salesforce1 platform, further emphasizing how our application has broken into an untapped market with no competitors. 

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