Salesforce Now is the perfect companion to Salesforce1 on Android.

Enhance your mobile Salesforce user experience with split seconds CRM information access, minimum number of clicks to actions and voice input action and search.

Salesforce Now tightly integrates with both your Android mobile device and Salesforce1. Salesforce Now can be launched as an assist app just like Google Now and presents the users with lists of most recently viewed records. Voice input allows the user not only to search and retrieve data faster but also to perform actions in fewer clicks. Basic actions like web browsing, phone call, email & mapping are integrated with the device while actions on the records like new & edit are integrated with the Salesforce1 app iself!

This alpha version of the app only supports the Account, Contact & Opportunity objects and the New and Edit record actions. We are building the code to be generic so that it will support any object and many more record actions.

You can find the code and build instructions on GitHub:

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