Salesforce is taking the CRM world by storm, growing 36% yoy in 2014. Customers and subscribers are flocking to the platform in droves. However, with great success also come a new set of challenges.

At the same time Salesforce continues to grow and expand its offering, its reach inside the enterprise is also broadening, bringing Salesforce to a host of new people.

And there lies the challenge, and the opportunity. How to you enable a massively growing population of people to get the most out of Salesforce?

By taking a book out of Salesforce's playbook, by allowing people to help themselves by reaching out into the community and getting help.

Salesforce Hero turns everyone in your organization into a Hero, able to do things in Salesforce they hadn't realized they could do.

The magic comes from leveraging the power of community. With Salesforce Hero, employees can ask for help in real time for a universe of Salesforce experts. Putting access on demand at people's fingertips democratizes the power of Salesforce.

The key offerings include:

  • Get help in real time
  • Response time in 60s
  • Never reveal any of your organizations data

But there's a challenge. As the platform continues to expand in functionality and ever increasing ly less technical people are hopping onto the platform, a gap is forming.

People don't know how to get the most out of Salesforce.

Introducing Salesforce Hero, giving ever user powers they never knew they had by putting the Salesforce community at their fingertips.

Now, any user via the Salesforce one mobile app has access to the experts they need right one they need it. Some of the most common tasks people ask for are:

  • I need help creating a new report
  • I need help creating a new dashboard
  • Can you adjust how this page looks
  • Show me how to use this feature

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