Need: Automating Salesforce UI for Data Operations is too time consuming & cumbersome. Workflow may break resulting in inappropriate operations.


Activities available under salesforce connector can be used for different data operations like Insert, Update, or Upsert. SOQL Query can also b be executed and results can be stored in DataTable. Reduces time & effort required required to be spent on tedious automation. Faster & More reliable than the traditional Web/Ui automation approach.


Contains set of activities that integrates with any object within salesforce. Performs different Data Operations on salesforce Standard or Custom Objects. Developed using Salesforce Partner WSDL provided by salesforce. Contains total of 8 Activities for both PROD & SANDBOX Instances.

  1. Execute SOQL PROD
  2. Insert Record PROD
  3. Update Record PROD
  4. Upsert Record PROD
  5. Execute SOQL SANDBOX
  6. Insert Record SANDBOX
  7. Update Record SANDBOX
  8. Upsert Record SANDBOX No External dependencies.

Challenges: It was a challenge to make the custom activities independent on other dependencies considering that salesforce doesn't provide official .net library/dependency to directly work with. Had to make use of Partnet WSDL and utilize its methods to perform different data operation directly with salesforce.

Future Update:

Addition of some more activities to directly work with reports & dashboard under salesforce instances.

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