A sales assistant bot built atop Amazon Lex, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB and Python.

The bot focuses on helping a salesperson setup his calendar, book a hotel or rent a car for his sales activities. It not only allows him to be more efficient, but ensures that information is disseminated across the organization seamlessly.

It will also allow his supervisor to keep a note of the sales funnel and ensure that appropriate support is provided at the correct time.

This demonstrates an implementation of the Lex Code Hook Interface in order to serve a sample bot which acts as a virtual assistant for a salesperson.

Bot, Intent, and Slot models which are compatible with this have been created after relevant testing. The data and context information are saved to DynamoDB for referring to at a later point in time and set calendar reminders.


An invite from has been sent to We have also provided a sample demo video to showcase how the bot may be used.

The bot can do the following now (acting as a virtual assistant of the salesperson):

  1. Rent a car
  2. Book a Hotel
  3. Enter information about sales meetings

For 1 and 2, they are very similar to the default Lex bots and allows a salesperson to book necessary services necessary for himself. For 3, you can start off a DM with the bot named Myra in the Slack channel ( and say something like "I have a client to meet tomorrow". It will then ask a few questions and once that is entered, it will save it in DynamoDB. At a later stage, this may be used to remind the salesperson of his meeting and help him followup properly.


  1. Matching "proposed" with "actual" actions taken thereby identifying leaders and lapsers. Will help in objective evaluation of the team.
  2. Catching the intent from the very first DM (via Lambda functions) and parsing relevant tags.
  3. Replicating repetitive tasks of sales managers particularly related to following up their teams tasks.
  4. Building up and updating a CRM database without any form filling.
  5. Assessing quality of sales funnel based on number of leads at various stages in the funnel.
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