So i have a friend Masimba who runs a retail computer shop and he has sales phone, that customers can leave quotation request, unfortunately these request can go for days without being attended to, to the extent that the customer ends up sending another message and follows up with an email to sales@ or info@. So I offered to help him increase his sales and be able to convert quotation request into tangible trackable tasks that can be assigned to sales staff and can be tracked until the item requested is sold.

What it does

So this tool will have two endpoints configured, one that consumes outlook api and reads emails from a setup email and converts the email into a task and allows the sales manager to assign the email to sales staff without having to forward the email, but the emails can be tracked using the built in database, will use monogb for the database. The tool will have an API that allows other applications to connect to it. so the plan is to have this voice message box convert into wavefile or audio file that can be attached to the task as an item or saved in the document

How I built it

Still to build it

Challenges I ran into

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What I learned

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