The best training for consumer faced roles happens in a live environment and the experience teaches a lot of things. We're building a platform where sales executives can learn from experience of other sales executives and also get real time mentorship. It is a platform to empower sales professionals.

What it does

It has two major parts: 1) Vishal (Virtual Shadowing Assisted Learning) : It enables the sales people new to a field to learn from the experienced sales people by virtually shadowing them on a WEB Real time chat platform. This enables them to learn from by observing the sales executive.Also, these videos can be recorded and later used as a training module as well. This is scaleable to any number of users, can the the executives can learn from anywhere in the world. This reduces both training and logistic costs. 2) KARM (Knowledge Assistance and RealTime Monitoring): It enables the sales executives going for the first time to be mentored and assisted by experienced people from the office via reverse shadowing. They can observe their behaviour, give them prompts on the screen and help them to learn faster and avoid mistakes. He can also record these videos, observe his mistakes and learn from them with the help of his mentor. The mentor can be located anywhere in the country and he can still help the sales person. Both these platforms are highly scaleable to hundred of users and are cross platform and can be integrated into existing platform without much overhead.

How we built it

We've used Agora Web RTC platform for building the video transmission technology for shadowing and reverse shadowing as well as recording of the videos. We're using ES6 on frontend and NodeJS on the backend for this.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues with real time web based video conferencing and audio issues, but were able to figure it out and complete the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building both the learning platforms within such a short time and both of them being scaleable and cross platform.

What we learned

We learned about using technology to empower something as rudimentary as on field sales and reducing costs and training time for the sales executives.

What's next for sales-man-learning-mmaideathon

We can integrate the platform easily with existing system and their user management and authentication systems, integrate a bit of features for management and orchestration and start beta-testing with on field sales people.

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