I decided that the online harassment project would be the center of my work and thought I would try to learn something new that I've never touched, javascript. One of my favorite chrome extensions is very similar to this and it is the cloud-to-butt extension.

What it does

A predefined set of words, chosen from a list of the most popular curse words, is searched for in a website using a walker in javascript and replaced with other words.

How I built it

I referenced plenty of programs that essentially replace words on webpages with other words and tried to edit it to fit my needs of censoring webpages. I first learned to make a very basic chrome extension and then tried to work off the public github source files.

Challenges I ran into

I could not understand how to break down a webpage's elements into nodes that are readable. Once I was able to implement existing work to run a walker to read all the words in a webpage once it's done running it finally worked.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to read and understand other people's work from github and manipulate it to do what I wanted it to and understand the formatting for the regex that is used for the searched words.

What I learned

The basics and some intricacies of javascript and how to start my own project from scratch in javascript.

What's next for SalemCensor

Possibly extend the library of words to search for to extend to all the popular words and variants of spelling.

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