Everyone in our group has struggled with barriers when travelling, whether it be language, geographical or cultural barriers. Additionally, all members of Access Denied believe in having the opportunity to learn. Therefore, we wanted to create an app that could fix the barriers travellers who want to explore the world face and maximize their learning potential.

What it does

SALÉBÉRA helps travellers when they are faced with language, cultural, geographical, and any other barriers due to a new environment. It provides users with real human interactions instead of robots when linked with a volunteer, matched according to users' personal needs, who will guide them throughout the city.

How we built it

To create the interface for SALÉBÉRA, we used FIGMA to make our group's vision become a reality. Following the iPhone 11 frame, we curated the different aspects of our solution into one easy-to-navigate app. We included several frames, including a sign-up and log-in section, information cards on friend matches, an in-app function to message and call new friends to ensure the safety of our app’s users, and much more. Each frame has a button that navigates to another frame. Proceeding the creation of our prototype, we followed the model and then designed the code around the prototype idea.

Challenges we ran into

Our group, Access Denied, faced several challenges during this hackathon that we overcame through our hacking journey. Most predominantly, as this was our first hackathon, some challenges we faced were learning a new coding language and trying to understand how code functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Reflecting back on our experience from this hackathon, we see this entire event as an important accomplishment during our high school experience. We learned how to code with python and expanded our knowledge of learning apps such as Figma. We overcame several challenges during this event, most memorably teaching each other how to code at 4:00 am! This event taught us time management, the importance of efficiency and gave us a learning experience in which we accomplished our goal of learning something new.

What we learned

During this hackathon, our group learned several things which we are sure would be useful and unique in our future! Needless to say, after hours of bouncing ideas off each other and countless Youtube tutorials, we learned how to code in Python! This new knowledge is something all of us are very proud and excited to have learned, and it has inspired all of us to deepen our understanding of coding and further pursue it as a hobby.

What's next for SALÉBÉRA

Proceeding the roller coaster of challenges, learning, and some good laughs along the process of developing our idea of SALÉBÉRA, our next step is increasing the efficiency of our app and launching our app to make our vision a reality. Access Denied believes in the importance of world exploration, and so we want tourists to have the great experience they should be able to have during their journey. To be more specific, Access Denied would work towards including smaller features within the app such as video calling, maps to locate friends (with the permission of users), and an in-app attractions page to discuss ways to enhance and ensure the best travelling and learning experience possible with your new friends! Broadly, we want to put as many resources as possible into our app to create an efficient method for users to fulfil their explorations.

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