Aim and Inspiration

  • We wanted to make a platform that local hobbyists could use to become entrepreneurs.
  • We thought that clover was the perfect platform for this as it could give people exposure to local businesses that could sell products to existing customers of the shop.
  • We think this is great for merchants as it allows them to offer interesting products that the big chains can't and it's great for local producers as it let's them make money doing the things they love.

How we built it:

  • An android application for local hobbyist to list their products to merchants in their local area, this was created using the ionic framework.
  • A backend system written in nodejs to store products.
  • A clover application for merchants to browse products in their area.

Challenges we ran into

  • Native code in ionic was tricky. We tried to avoid this but it was necessary as it allowed photo uploads from mobile.
  • Spatial geo location got us into a lot of problems as the mongodb server and client versions differed greatly machine to machine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Robust, scalable API backend in Node.js.
  • Vast amounts of learning with using Ionic framework for the first time.
  • Using the clover platform for the first time - We loved it!

What's next for Zan

  • Looking to implement some real time context sensitive functionality using Donky to enable fluid communication between merchant and artisan.
  • Do real live customer feedback sessions - applying lean principles to gather feedback on the product and improve accordingly
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