We were inspired by the gender pay gap and concern that women and other underrepresented groups may be too afraid to ask for a raise. This anonymous site that utilizes the Algorand blockchain will be used to increase these groups' confidence when asking for raises and promotions because they can base their requests on data found and stored through blockchain. Each transaction on the blockchain contains a person's position, gender, years of experience and salary.

What it does

The app takes in information about a person's position, salary, gender and years of experience and generates a performance analysis to advise the user about what their next steps might be. We provide them information about how they are doing compared to the national average salary for their position (currently just engineering positions). If someone was in another field other than engineering, we compare their salary to the average national salary. We then provide some advice about if they should consider asking for a promotion given their years of experience. Finally, we used the Algorand JS SDK to enable users to report their salary anonymously on the Algorand blockchain so that others can freely access it.

How we built it

React + Google Material Design + Firebase + Algorand blockchain, hosted on Firebase

Challenges we ran into

We had to coordinate amongst ourselves for back-end and front-end. Some of us were completely new to coding in Javascript. We also tried to scrape ZipRecruiter's website for dynamic average salary information but ran into CORS issues and did not have enough time to figure it out. We ended up searching the Internet for common engineering positions salaries and hardcoded the data. Although we were not able to implement all of the tools into the site, we have many ideas on how to improve upon this concept.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning more about the blockchain, learning how to code with blockchain, and creating a site to help others step towards more transparency and equality. One of our team members is a high-schooler and this is her first hackathon. She was very motivated in learning about blockchain and picked up a lot of Javascript and front-end development at this hackathon. We're very proud of her eagerness to learn and her ability to pick up new technologies independently and collaboratively as she worked with mentors to get through some huddles.

What we learned

We were able to learn how blockchain functions work and utilize the concept and structure of the blockchain in order to help lessen the pay gap. Anastasia created her first Firebase auth system and figured out how to host with Firebase for the first time.

What's next for SalarySprout

We will be including the ability for offices to host an anonymous yet legitimate voting for promotions and raises within the workplace. Using this technology, we can lessen the effects some workers may have through nepotism, favoritism and other unfair advantages over their coworkers. This will utilize the blockchain to ensure that coworkers can reward office members who have contributed strongly toward the community, and allow workers to be more connected to the financial aspect of work, and lessen the divide between management and people who traditionally determine raises, and the general workforce.

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