Amid of COVID-19 pandemic, due to Lockdown and various Social Distancing Guidelines Educational System comes to a standstill while taking it as an opportunity E-Learning comes to the Place.

Students are facing the following problems currently:

Distraction: Learning from home is an amazing experience. You might expect things around you to be like a school campus but they don’t. For online learning, students didn’t have any Platform where they only get all the courses and Learning resources without any distractive Content that doesn’t relate to any Constructive Learning and motivation to learn these courses.

Adaptability: Difficulty adapting to an online learning environment immediately after traditional classroom learning.

Self Motivation: Students start losing hope once they find difficulty in online learning. It requires the motivation to complete tasks and engage students with their learning

What it does

It provides all the educational courses in a single platform without any distractions at no price.

How I built it

We use React-native for designing, an expo for hosting, Firebase for Database and authentication, and Youtube APIs for the content.

Challenges I ran into

We face the challenge to solve the problem of the leaderboard to provide badges to the students with the courses.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We added a leaderboard and to-do list with the courses so that students can compete with other students with courses as well and they can add weekly tasks for the week.

What I learned

We learned Team working and also to solve the problem within a short period.

What's next for Sakar

-Usershtt can Request new courses. -Inclusion of content for parents and kindergarten kids. -Interactive actions to enhance presentation and engagement. -Inclusion of teachers, schools, and mentors within the platform for more stability. 

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