Saiyo 採用

Convert your resume into a website! Project for the Tech Takes Unemployment 2020 Hackathon.

Who is this for

This website is designed for people who are seeking employment, and would like to have a more personal internet presence. Someone with no experience in web development can simply upload their resume and have a personal website created for them.

What We Fixed

This addresses the problem of job seekers not having personal websites that showcase their skills and experience. We made it easy for anyone to take their resume and create a website in just a few clicks!

Short demo video

Video Link

User Guide

Click on either of the "Start now" buttons on the homepage. The user will then be prompted to choose a file to upload their resume, and then upload it. Saiyo parses the data, and the user then verifies that the data detected is accurate. After that, the user can preview a website for each template, and download the .html file.

Links to working solution

Technologies used

We made the app using Node.js, Express, Handlebars, and HTML/CSS. You can upload PDF files to the Node/Express server, the PDF is parsed, and Handlebars compiles the data into an HTML file, ready to deploy anywhere!

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