Let first talk about a success story: I have been using their chrome extension for quite some time, it is extremely useful as it estimates monthly visits, bounce rate, average visit duration for any website! For using the extension, they anonymously capture your browser history, which in turn allow them to perfect their estimation model of traffic for the sites you visit.

Similar web obviously does not share all the browsing data they capture, just like Google does not share chrome history of its users, because these are a goldmine for data scientists. So here comes Sailtrace!

What it does

Sailtrace is a marketplace + chrome extension that allows anyone to export their chrome browsing history and anonymously sell it in exchange of OCEAN tokens. With time, all this aggregated browsing data can be used for data science and to find models for advertising, behavioural analysis, estimate competitors, etc... just like SimilarWeb and Google do. Sailtrace gives the power back to the people! ^^

How I built it

Sailtrace is made of :

  • a Chrome extension built with Html, CSS and javascript.
  • a marketplace, forked from Commons.

Challenges I ran into

I first wanted to be able to submit the browser history to Commons directly from the Chrome Extension but the complexity of the task made me start with a simpler approach: The user use the extension must submit the history manually, which also gives him the chance to first check on the data he is sending.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design of Chrome extension and marketplace have been particularly refined to promote it well.

What I learned

How to work with the OCEAN protocol

What's next for Sailtrace

  • Work on the ergonomy, e.g. make a publish button directly in the chrome extension, with a simple review step for very fast and easy submission to sailtrace.

How to run the POC

  • Download the chrome_extension folder from github and unzip it. In your Chrome, go to Extensions then check Developer mode and choose the downloaded folder. You can now use the extension and export your history.
  • Download the marketplace folder from github and unzip it. Run yarn install and yarn start and go to localhost:3000. You can now publish your history.

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