The Challenge

Gamification of Airline dynamic pricing by making a bidding game.

  • We are proposing an app or a plugin with the existing Vistara Passenger App, where the users are prompted with simple yet challenging choices. They play with the very dynamic ticket pricing of airlines and play together, driven by some incentives. Now these maybe, free tickets or discounts or simply offer access to some privilege in flight services. participants are given badges for the completion of challenges, that specifically-set goals which are difficult but still attainable motivate achievement, and that the completion of such goals produces an intrinsic feeling of satisfaction.

How we built it

  • We used Android Studio to make the app, the game, and used Flask, a python micro-framework, to build the backend and the dashboard for the airliner. We also used amadeus APIs for realtime data retrival.

Challenges we ran into :

  • One of the early challenges we faced were to boil down to fix on one of the many problems statements given to us. We discussed our issues with the mentors and we finalized on working on the game idea. The ability to increase customer experience was key reason to choose this theme.


  • Building a game like this and integrating it with a server-side was something we had never done before, and we learned a lot during the process. Gamification has been especially successful when applied to rewards programs. We try to incorporate this and collect user behavior to various custom challenges.

What we learned

  • We learned it better to fix on one idea, and start building early on, because the tireness at the end of the day makes it difficult to continue on.

What's next -

  • We would continue working on the project.
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