Before I start, please press "Website for SahilProductions" on the Ben the Dentist webpage for a better understanding of how this works.

I was inspired by the people who taught me at the different classes here at hackBCA. I was wondering how I can help unemployed people, since it is usually very challenging to find another job, because of the competitive employment environment. Others can use this idea to impress others in their office, homes, etc.

My idea is to have an example website where people can easily access and edit. The website that has, "Ben the Dentist," is an example of how people can use the website to their advantage. SahilProductions has created the "Dentist" website and people can edit the website using VS Code, GitHub desktop, and Github pages. First, the user will press "view source" of the example website, Ben the Dentist, by right-clicking the website itself. Using VS Code, GitHub desktop, and Github pages, the user can edit the images, links, and content to their customization. This can be done by replacing the links in the code of the website and uploading it to GitHub, which will allow others to view the website. This service is completely free, so users can use it for their benefit.

There were several challenges I faced while creating this website. I go to Bergen County Academies, and I am in the Business Academy (ABFIB). I haven't had much programming knowledge before hackBCA. That was one of the main obstacles. However, though, I conquered thus challenge, by attending some courses at hackBCA and by using Google. After many hours of dedication, I finally completed my project.

I am proud of several accomplishments:

  1. Actually finishing the project.
  2. Thinking of an efficient idea for user benefit.
  3. Learning and understanding the basics of HTML, and how to use GitHub (Most Important).

My next upcoming goals are to further improve on the design and code of the website and to think of more, and efficient ideas.

By Sahil Voona Freshman in the ABF Academy at Bergen County Academies

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