At first we wanted to design an app to help people escape situations of sexual assault, but we soon realized the difficulty for a victim to access their phone. So instead we took a more proactive approach and created a website that aggregates locations of sexual assault cases. This could then be used by law enforcement to determine where to station more officers and it could also be used by the general public to learn where they should be more alert.

What it does

Our website obtains data from a variety of criminal records and sexual offender records and creates a heat map of the data, thus displaying areas of high sexual assault activity. The user can then search up a location and year to determine the trends of where sexual assault is likely to occur. People can also report areas where they experienced or observed sexual assault to add to the database.Thus it becomes an essential tool for law enforcement to prevent sexual assault and a tool people can use to learn what areas to avoid.

How we built it

After searching for various criminal records and sexual offender records, we used a web crawler to scrap a large amount of data. We then utilized some simple Java programs to parse and organize this data. Finally we placed it into our website on a google map using Google Maps Javascript API. The website utilized HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part was figuring out how to gather all the data from the websites. This lead to other problems such as how to convert all the addresses to geocode (latitude, longitude) so that it could be plotted on the google map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a group of first years with only having experience in Python or Java, we are really proud of what we were able to accomplish. Learning to build a website required learning 3 new languages and that was no easy feat.

What we learned

In the end, we learned HTML, CSS, Javscript, Google Map Javascript API, and how to use a web crawler to scrap data from a website.

What's next for SAHeatmap

Increasing the database.

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