• We know that our health should be our top priority but when we talk about health people often concerned about their physical health, what about our Mental Health?

  • The main inspiration behind SAHAYAK is the increasing rate of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, etc. From teens to adults, anyone can get affected by depression.

  • Depression has become very common in today's world, so there is a strong need to talk about this. We need to create awareness among people because such mental health issues can be very serious, it can even lead to suicide!!

  • We don't know what can cause these mental health issues, even our daily life problems can push us towards depression. No matter if you are a woman/man who is working or if you are a student dealing with high school or college stuff(which can be pretty exhausting sometimes), depression can attack anyone. So we need to be concern about our mental health, and to address this issue we came up with SAHAYAK.

What it does

  • When we deal with problems, we first try to handle the problem by ourself but when we can't handle that anymore we seek others to help(which is definitely the right thing to do), but it has been observed when it comes to problems like depression people usually hesitate to talk about it.

  • SAHAYAK also works like that. First, it helps you to recognize your mental health condition then it provides you solutions to help you by yourself but if your condition is very serious then SAHAYAK recommends you counselors to seek help.

  • Basically SAHAYAK is a mobile application that predicts your mental health condition using Machine Learning based on your answers and then it provides you solutions in the form of various recommendations like a book recommendation, movie recommendation, song recommendation, yoga asanas, and counselors recommendations.

  • SAHAYAK is very easy to use. First, you need to create an account on SAHAYAK, then start the quiz and answer the questions honestly. After that, it will show you the result and solutions required to help you.

How we built it

We made it in four parts/steps :

  • Part 1: In the first part, we worked with Machine Learning. We created the machine learning model to predict depression using TensorFlow, Keras, and other libraries. First, we analyzed the dataset and removed the useless features. Then we studied the relation of features and filled the missed values. Then we compiled and fit the model and calculated the accuracy of our model which turned out to be around 76%.

  • Part 2: In the second part, we worked with android development. First, we made the account registration and login page. Then we made the home page, the quiz page, the result page, and the recommendation page. After making the required pages we merged all the pages.

  • Part 3: In the third part, we integrated the app with machine learning. We converted the machine learning model(that we created in part 1) into tflite model so that we can integrate this tflite model with our app in the android studio.

  • Part 4: In this part, we applied the blockchain technology to our app. We added the feature of the transaction using bitcoin in our app. At last, we gave the required finishing touch to our app.

Challenges we ran into

Everyone faces a lot of challenges in their way to build or to achieve something. We also ran into many hurdles which were quite challenging.

  • We faced many problems in integrating the machine learning model with the application but eventually, we did get over it by researching a lot on google and youtube.
  • Also, the integration of blockchain technology with the app was quite difficult.
  • We faced various other problems while building this project but with the support of our team, we eventually got over them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" ...Well, we have tried our best to convert our idea into an innovative solution and we are pretty proud of that.

  • We are proud that we used our skills to use this time to do address this serious issue of mental health.

  • We are also proud that we worked with the team spirit and overcame the challenges together as a team.

What we learned

a. Teamwork: We learned that anything can be achieved if we work as a team. Teamwork is really a very important trait that we must have. Teamwork is required in every field to produce an effective result and we are glad that we have learned it during this project.

b. How to come up with a solution in such a small frame of time: We learned how to think of a solution and how to implement it when you have limited time. It enhances our innovative thinking process to land an innovative idea.

c. How to integrate technologies like Machine Learning and Blockchain to an app: Technologies like Machine Learning and Blockchain are trending a lot in today's world and to integrate such technologies can be challenging(especially if you are a beginner) but because of this project we learned this too and it really enhanced our skills.

What's next for SAHAYAK

There is still a lot that we can implement in SAHAYAK:


  • We can add speech recognition to the application which will increase the ease to use the app.
  • Speech recognition will make this app a worldwide platform and can help everyone.

b. Prediction of other MENTAL DISORDERS too

Currently, SAHAYAK detects if a person is suffering from mental trauma/ depression but in the future, we can add various mental disorders such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorder, personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. You can check yourself by attempting the quiz and we will provide a solution to your problem.


In the future, we can add online counseling with famous mental health consultants so that the person who wants to try therapy can directly take the sessions on the app. We have already provided you online payment through bitcoins, so users can perform a safe and secure bitcoin transition. This integration will also enhance business.

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