Remember that time when your mom called you up just to ask you how to share a picture on whatsapp? Or when your dad wanted to change the lock screen password? Wasn't it a chore dictating them through the steps multiple times, only to have them call you back again? And these are functioning educated members of society; think of people in rural areas, in villages, who barely know how to dial a number.

Even the most dedicated developers have trouble keeping up with the rapidly evolving phone operating systems; average people have been left in the dust and the situation is even further deplorable for people living in rural areas.

Technology is steadily becoming cheaper and affordable for the majority of people though programmes like android one, but the learning curve for people in rural areas of India is growing ever steep. These smart phones are a really powerful resource and their benefits are rarely even fractionally utilized due to the technicality and sophistication involved.

Our idea aims to find a solution to this problem, through our hack, we are trying to make the phone more accessible and usable. Our project is based on android and features an application that provides real time tutorials of different phone procedures by overlaying text and indicators over other applications. To make the idea of tutorials more scalable, we provide a way for people to make tutorials and share them as well. These tutorials can be made by simply recording the taps of an experienced user and then be shared, through any medium as text, with or without internet access. Instead of going though the painstaking process of aiding your grandma over the phone on how to write a message, you can simply make a tutorial by recording the taps and the same steps will be recreated on the other side. Further we have decided to make the operating system simpler and more uniform by creating a launcher aimed specifically at simplicity and intuitive use. There currently exists no launcher in Hindi and integrating this would make smartphone usage extremely user-friendly for most rural people, giving them access to the technological advantages we get to benefit from.

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