We have seen various places where fake marks have given unfair advantage to the students whereas the hard working person remains behind.We also wanted to change the way college and other counselling sessions perform because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What it does

Our web app tries to solve following real world problems:

  • Document verification from the comfort of your home in this pandemic
  • Avoid cluster of students outside examination hall as it is risky in this pandemic
  • Save Paper as to be submitted multiple copies of same document during verification
  • Transfer files fast, safe and secure to anyone you want
  • No one can hack/change the document uploaded by you hence our platform can also be used in law and order.
  • Our platform has a sole purpose to eradicate fake documents and make counselling /verification easy with online methods
  • Our platform will be beneficial to all the businesses that work after verification processes of individuals
  • Our platform makes it easy for government and private places to perform identification/document verification

How we built it

Long story short we divided the work in two sections where Vineet worked on the frontend and Hritwik took care of the blockchain backend. We had various issues with the reactjs so we shifted to javacript and webpack. we started with the idea to timestamp our work using ethereum and then also added covid-19 situation.So we thought that counselling session will begin in India and with this pandemic right now, we should then make a document verification/counselling platform and boom the idea came in.

Challenges we ran into

There were like a gazillion of bugs while making this project and at some moment I just wanted to quit.To be honest webpack was seriously annoying to work with. We had bugs like "fs" not found and then various missing webpack loaders,404 post request error in skynet etc,also we wanted to make the web app on reactjs but we had some deprecated libraries so we switched it to vanilla javascript and webpack.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

With this project we have achieved the power to archive all your documents in a safe and secure manner and just transfer some hashed for verification process in the time of this Covid-19 pandemic,i think this is the biggest achievement we can get.We really need a secure online verification process which will replace offline human to human verification, our web app does the same whereas no centralized entity is that safe right now

What we learned

We have learned a bunch of new stuff,this is my first project with web3js, skynet ,ethereum/sollidity, using ganache and truffle suite.

What's next for Sahayak

We are going to add accounts feature which will be integrated with the ethereum wallet address to make this platform a true replacement for offline verification/counselling and secure document storage.

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