My grandmother has Diabetes and I have a big family I was thinking that if people in my family can understand how to better prevent Diabetes through better nutrition habits the idea could prove useful.

What it does

SageTree is a curated nutrition site that provides you insight on potential conditions you could develop as well as vitamin deficiencies and surpluses. The curated pages are personalized for each persons genome link profile. The information on each page drives the user toward living a healthier lifestyle to fell better and be well balanced.

How I built it

I built everything in Docker containers hosted on my own digital ocean server. The frontend is a static site that interacts with a GraphQL backend that is also hosted on my DO server.


  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • GraphQL
  • mySQL
  • Prisma

Challenges I ran into

Orchestrating each disease with each vitamin essentially researching. All of my data comes from natural food books that I found at the library and transcribed to the site. I ran into problems also testing a learning system that could potentially aggregate all of your disease results and generate a vitamin catalogue from that information to test this concept I wrote a small program that uses ML concepts but ultimately was unable to find datasets that could actually help generate actionable insights.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building the backend and UI and orchestrating their usage with Docker and Nginx

What I learned

  • ton of
    • Docker concepts
    • Health concepts from research (vitamins, diseases, conditions, etc)
  • bit about
    • Machine Learning

What's next for sagetree

I REALLY REALLY wanted to do more for this project but I'm very busy with my 9-5 and staying healthy! SOOO coming soon I would like to generate a profile for each user that is linked to the create a chrome extension I'm developing called "SageTree Pantry" the extension would essentially help you find items that fit into your recommended diet and disease prevention plan.

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