In the process of building ML models and algorithms in my job and providing insights to the business counterparts I learned that, Business facing people need to have the ability to predict the future at their fingertips with turn-key prediction systems in order to make decisions faster on the day to day business.

What it does

Sager AI automated forecasting engine predicts sales, demand, revenues of multiple time-series with a single click of a button by using a CSV file upload of historical data in a fraction of minutes with beautiful visualizations.

How I built it

I used python flask micro-framework to build the basic web application, And fbprophet algorithm to forecast univariate time series and Plotly graphing library for visualization.

Challenges I ran into

Applying the regional holidays and events to the forecast algorithm dynamically so that the algorithm will be more region and business-specific.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a code-free experience for predictions for Business Users with the highest accuracy in the industry

What I learned

Solving a problem in the simplest way requires asking the right questions and clear out the assumptions noise.

What's next for Sager AI

Sager AI will be further improved to help/ease out the business decision making process seamless at their fingertips.

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