• Multi Dimensional Money Streaming Vaults, Escrows and Yields on Bitcoin Cash Protocol


  • Inspired by the “Streaming Money,” lecture of Andreas Antonopoulos which is all about the spatial - temporal dimensions.


  • Money streaming represents the idea of continuous payments over a finite period of time.
  • Block Numbers are used as a proxy of time to continuously update balances.


  • A provider sets up a money streaming contract.
  • A prospective payer can interact with the contract and start the stream right away by depositing the funds required for the chosen period.
  • The payee is able to withdraw money from the contract based on its ongoing solvency payment rate * stream factor (current block height - starting block height)
  • The stream terms (payment rate, length, metadata) can be updated at any time if both parties pledge their signatures.
  • The stream can be stopped at any point in time by any party without on-chain consensus.
  • If the stream period ended and it was not previously stopped by any party, the payee is entitled to withdraw all the deposited funds.


  • Money Streaming Timer Tokens
  • Money Streaming Strategy Vaults
  • Money Streaming Yield Farming
  • Money Streaming Indexed Oracles

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