Description Sage is a fun new tour app that allows visitors to quickly search through all the exhibits in the Philadelphia Art Museum based on what category, country, or keyword they’re interested in.

Our Sage Owl searches through the exhibits to create a custom tour! Sage uses emojis to make it easy for you to browse through galleries, shown in number order and by the number of matches. Our goal is to help you navigate the museum easier and help you save time.

Learn more about each exhibit through reading each description and add social tags to describe artwork to help others find what they’re looking for. The app is great for visitors here for 2 hours or even 2 weeks to find pieces of art based on the unique criteria they choose to understand the museum better.

How we built it

Sage was written in React Native.

Challenges we ran into Time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Creating a really practical, easy way to filtering through exhibits that everyone can understand!

What we learned It’s difficult but rewarding to create an experience for multiple age groups and different levels of understanding.

What's next for Sage Create a more interactive map to help visitors find the artwork. Adding an emoji tagging system that will allow kids to choose symbols to represent artwork instead of keywords only. Adding an image recognition to let people scan photos.

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