We captured most of the common Pitfalls & Best Practices for the following blog While developing it, We've imagined that you are buying, the basic plan of some B2B SaaS Business.

What it does

The home page consists of a buy now button, which helps you to take you to the checkout process. Experience is quite simple, I choose B2B saas payment checkout to buy a basic plan.

How we built it

A web application with 4 Screens

  1. Home Page
  2. User Data Gathering
  3. Card Details
  4. Success Page

Challenges we ran into

Finding out the most common mistakes was a challenge during checkout.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

15+ B2B SaaS Products we have built so far. We are super siblings working together Sugam write code and Agam sells code. Together we build a software company Monkwish contents the following products:

  1. Yogya.AI, With the help of AI, we are helping organizations to identify skill gaps in their workforce and empower their HR/Managers to fulfil them faster.
  2., Virtual Venue for your event / classroom / meeting
  3. WisOpt, an All-in-one application that a student-teacher wants.

What we learned

Implementation of rapyd is super simple and easy

What's next for Sage checkout

Big picture: There are multiple payment gateways (stripe, wepay, rapyd, razorpay, checkout and etc.) exist in the entire world. Research shows, that the payment gateways market are converging. So Sage Checkout can be an All-in-one checkout where you can connect to your preferred payment gateway and embed it in your website, fully customisable and configurable design. The callback will give you success/failure.

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