Sage is built on the firm foundation to change the world of interactive technologies. The mobile personal assistant derives solely on the belief that life should be easier and knowledge should be accessible in the easiest of means.

What it does

The mobile personal assistant acts as your know-everything best friend - from understanding the state of the current stock market to having foresight of a stormy weather to even having the capability to bring you to restaurants you have been craving for centuries, with just a simple text - one will always be well informed. Sage also has the fullest capabilities to sense the user's emotional state using sentiment analysis - so get ready for some emotional conversations! Sage is built for the sole purpose of having your right hand man where you are. Dedicated to perfection in your duties and ease of life.

How we built it

The unprecedented backend consists of Django, Python, and multiple dominant APIs (Yelp, Open-Weather Map, Luis (Microsoft), Wolfram, Markit-data, and HP-Haven sentiment analysis). Using Android Studio, the front-end is built with elegant design and smooth user interface. Awesome huh.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging + sleep deprivation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Love and love.

What I learned

How to love.

What's next for Sage

Sage will be continuously updated and perfected. To infinity and beyond!

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