Concept of Quadratic Voting and how it can help to address the voice of minorities. Quadratic voting is a collective decision-making procedure where individuals allocate votes to express the degree of their preferences, rather than just the direction of their preferences. By doing so, quadratic voting helps enable users to address issues of voting paradox and majority rule. Following privacy preserving computational integrity information architectures are also inspirations.

Minimal Anti Collusion Infrastructure from Applied ZKP Semaphore Signaling Framework from Applied ZKP

What it does

Generates a prover - verifier infrastructure for constructing the proofs of minority votes. Generated privacy preserving vote infrastructure using Zero Knowledge Proofs Ability to execute Quadratic Voting Algorithms to make sure minority voices are addressed

How I built it

Circom Circuit Compiler generated computational integrity proofs Proofs are generated in Web Assembly. Proofs are translated to Solidity Smart Contracts.

Challenges I ran into

Compilation of Semaphore Smart Contracts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integration of Semaphore Framework into Electronic Voting Identification of Quadratic Voting Concept for Minority Voting

What I learned

Power of Zero Knowledge Proofs Power of Semaphore Signaling Framework Power of Quadratic Voting Concept

What's next for SaffrageNet

Deployment into Matic Network Development of a Portis Wallet Development of a Dashboard

Built With

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