In the present time when we all were stuck for months in our home. Finally, the unlock process is happening and public places are opening slowly but Covid19 danger is still there. In such condition, we always come under a dilemma which places are safe to visit? Which places are following Covid SOPs properly? To solve this dilemma we built the SafeX app.

What it does

The app collects ratings from user based on certain parameters about a particular place(like Size of gathering, Regular Sanitization, Practicing of Social distancing and many more).This rating is merged with the score/rating generated by an AI program with mask detection who monitors all mentioned parameters, and a final rating(SafeX score is generated) based on which user can compare different places(eg cafes and decide which place is safer to visit.

How I built it

Our app is built using react native and firebase database, whereas the GUI for AI software is build in Java netbeans and AI is trained in python using Spyder IDE.

Challenges I ran into

Training Ai in a such a short period of time was the greatest challenge. Though we overcame it with a juggad. Designing App and integrating with database got us into some errors. Also Collecting dataset for training AI was another challenge so we did a jugaad there as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The short time limit forced us to push our limits, think of new less time-consuming methods, and finally build an AI in such short time.

What's next for SafeX

Add AI based Social Distance detecting method and Time filter to check peak hours and real time violation alerts.

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