This was inspired by the dangers occurring around the world and need help the organization was reaching out for to provide or help them create an app. Our inspiration came from an initiative started in NYC called SafeWalks NYC. "SafeWalks was established in January 2021 as an initiative by the community to help protect fellow community members feeling unsafe while commuting by offering a presence in escorting them to and from subway stations. It was born after the brutal attacks against multiple women at the Morgan L Subway Station." (taken from their go fund me page They have been trying to find people to help them develop an app for their vision in order to make their system more effective and accessible for users and prevent attacks and violence when walking around the city. Our team decided to help by creating an app for them by looking at all of the things they mentioned they envisioned for their application.

What it does

it helps prevent attacks on pedestrians when commuting in the city. Users can connect and walk together to prevent attacks. After creating an account on the Safe Walks app, there are many functions available. Users can use the interactive map in order to locate other walkers. Our app allows you to select other users and connect with them through our chat and call features. The users can then meet and walk to where they are going. When walking in groups through the city, the possibility of being a victim of an attack lessens. You can add friends and become buddies with others who may share a similar daily commute.

How we built it

We researched the basic needs for a mobile app first. Our wireframe was built using figma and our code was primarily done in kotlin. We designed the app to be used through android devices.

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to add in the API for a map function due to the price, which made it more difficult to demonstrate that feature. Another challenge we ran into, was learning to work with new coding languages. The languages we used were different from the languages we typically worked with before starting this project.

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we had spent almost 2 hours trying to fix a simple mistake and we have overseen the mistake which took us longer than expected to fix the error

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got the login to work in a short amount of time on a new platform which is quite an accomplishment since we were not familiar with the interphase nor the language used to code the app. We are proud of all of the work we have accomplished and our ability to persevere through all of the challenges we encountered. We are all proud that we have been able to contribute to such an incredible project. We all stepped out of our comfort zones and worked together.

What we learned

how to build an app using android studio, mainly how to use kotlin. We each learned more about different coding languages and platforms we had not worked with yet. We all learned more about app development and design.

What's next for SafeWalks

We will be adding a Google API to allow for google maps and other forms of communication. We hope to continue our project and contribute to the Safe Walks initiative so we can help them execute their vision and create a safer NYC.

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