It’s scary walking home at night, especially if you’re new to campus and don’t know which areas to avoid. Safe Walk shows you the least dangerous way to get places and shows you the areas which have historically higher crime rates.

What it does

Safe Walk looks through the alternate routes that google maps gives to show the safest way to travel. Additionally, it goes through the points from the GT Police Crime Logs to show the points that have had more than 5 reported instances of crime in the past 3 years to map it onto Google Maps.

How I built it

We built it using swift mainly, and tried parsing through the data using python.

Challenges I ran into

Embedding python framework into swift Doing the math to decide if something was unsafe

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not sleeping Have a running app

What I learned

Swift 3 is very annoying and the syntax is pretty confusing It’s easier to work in one language

What's next for SafeWalk GT

Hopefully to expand to all of Atlanta

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