In 1969, 88% of children walked or biked to school, today it's 33%. SafeWalk leverages the power of communications to empower parents in giving children the independence they need to grow and develop.

What it does

Parents are able to track their kids' walk-to-school progress and are notified by text/call when children stray off path.

How we built it

html,css, reactnative, javascript, nodejs, google cloud platform,

Challenges we ran into

  • Being able to reconcile ideation with our capabilities (coming up with project ideas that we found interesting and inspiring, but also have the technical capabilities to execute)
  • Setting up back-end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Developing an algorithm for collision
  • Creating smooth and seamless user experience

What we learned

  • How to utilize market research, to build a better user experience (and hence, create product-market fit)
  • Writing algorithms are hard especially with long/lat

What's next for SafeWalk

  • Partnering with non-profits/government institutions to expand the reach of SafeWalk
  • Enhancing the user experience through the implementation of new features (ex. multiple stops, real-time GPS data)
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