Originally We wanted to do something educational with a web app. This later evolved into an Android app and Web app working together to ensure safety of children who are walking anywhere. When we were thinking educational we wanted to gear something towards middle school aged kids, and even though the idea evolved away from education we still wanted to include this demographic as our target.

What it does

SafeWalk is a two part system. On the Android side, the user will be able to drop a pin on where they are going. The app then calculates how long the walk is and how long it should take on average and send it to the Web server through an api call. The Web side will then process that data and notify people that the android user has connected with that they have done so. Then at the estimated time the server will run a script to see if the android user has arrived. And notify accordingly based on what is returned.

How we built it

We used Django to create our web server, and heroku to deploy it. We created a web front end for registration and logging in, and an api to handle all of the data processing. The api takes in specific calls and responds in specific ways with HttpResponse codes to let the device know what has happened. The device in this case is an Android device that takes in a start (current) location, and a chosen end location and sends it to the api which allow people you have related with your account to get updates on whether you are ok or not.

Challenges we ran into

Django: We had trouble with setting up staticfile handlers for production but but found one that finally worked after a lot of troubleshooting. We also had trouble integrating celery with this web app in the way that we wanted.

Android: We were all very new to Android, so the initial setup and getting packages to work together was very hard for us. We ran into countless problems with packages not working with versions of Android, or just not wanting to cooperate. Though it all started to come together bit by bit in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all pretty proud of the fact that we got both the django web app and android app up and running. Along with the fact that they were able to work together, although not 100% where we wanted.

What we learned

We learned all learned a lot about Android, and api calls through it. We also learned a lot about what goes into the setup of django, and what packages work well with it.

What's next for SafeWalk

Next we would like to finish taking it to where we had the planned to be at the end of this, then expand it to fully have a web interface of the map created by the start and end location given by the android app. Then, we would like to go back though the project and clean it up to make it more understandable for us, before deciding where to go with this project from their.

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