We drew inspiration from existing apps like Noonlight to build a solution that better addresses a range of uncomfortable situations, allowing the user to take action how they see fit. By offering a variety of easy-to-use options, SafeU allows anyone to feel safe in mild or intense situations in a quick and effective way.

Noonlight: users press a button in an uncomfortable situation and release the button when they are safe. After releasing the button, users enter a 4 digit pin. If the user doesn’t enter their pin, the police is contacted.
We liked the concept, but .. the app doesn’t actually help you get out of a situation pressing down a button for a long period of time is not ideal there can be different ranges of situations where the police do not always need to be contacted

What it does

It’s as easy as 1, 2, or 3... Fake Phone Call Call 911 Text an Emergency Contact

SafeU’s simplistic interface helps users choose a course of action with only a glance and the tap of a button. Each button caters to a different action depending on the severity of your situation.

How I built it

Xcode, swift

Challenges I ran into

creating a text message directly sent from xcode

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of being able to defeat our challenges and create a successful, functional app.

What I learned

How to incorporate messages and calls into xcode.

What's next for SafeU

Get location services, clean up interface, allow users to enter an emergency contact

Built With

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