A social cause that the IoT can assist well in, communications was the first thing, calling for help was another, thusly leading to SafetyNet

What it does

CAlls for help through hand gesture and through biometric data from personal healthcare and exercise equipment

How we built it

Coded it into existence through the support of codes shared with us throughout the many workshops and courses attended

Challenges we ran into

Lots of bugs, lots of learning how to deal with new platforms and Google Colab peculiarities that we as new users observed, and most of our team abandoned or had an emergency after registration

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The code works well, we think, and the idea is solid for the most part

What we learned

How to code for collaborative machine learning in two different areas of learning, and how they can blend together

What's next for SafetyNet

Wherever potential sponsors may be or whatever future team we hand this down to. possibilities are endless but without funds or future technologies it will not takeoff or at least not be nearly as effective

Built With

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