The inspiration for this application came from the challenge Exxon gave out. We recognized that if it is tedious to report safety issues, no one would want to file reports. With our hack, it encourages others to report safety issues, and hopefully allow for a safer environment.

What it does

One would take a picture of the safety hazard and if needed, retake the photo. Then you would use the photo, and add a category of what it falls under e.g. "Roof Leak", adjust a slider with the severity of the issue, enter a short description of the situation, and submit the entry. Then employers would be able to View Forms that were sent. Along with the location, time, and the user entry that was recorded.

How I built it

Using Swift/Xcode

Challenges I ran into

Implementing Camera UI and recording information for employers to see.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time working with Camera and Matt's first time working with XCode.

What I learned

How to work with the Camera and Swift

What's next for SafetyMobil

Hopefully to be widely spread and adopted so in case of natural disasters or emergencies people can record the situation and report it easily.

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