According to a paper published by Purdue University, there have been almost 13,000 car crashes involving emergency vehicles in the state of Michigan over the last 5 years; which was the 5th highest state in the US. Compared to the rest of the health industry, ambulances and other emergency vehicles have been lagging far behind in terms of client-minded software innovation. The only time you know when an ambulance is coming your way is when it's right behind you, sirens blaring and causing commotion and distractions. In many cases, this can cause crashes and delay response times greatly. SafetyFirst aims to reduce these accidents by alerting drivers ahead of time, so that they can be prepared to move out of the way.

When an emergency vehicle is dispatched, their route is generally predetermined to help them get to the incident as fast as possible. Knowing this, we integrated our software with google maps so that there would be a way to alert drivers when an ambulance is in your area and will crossing your route. It will be used as a more effective alert system so that civilians have more time to react before they see the lights in their rear view mirror. This will allow for much safer and more efficient trips to emergency sites not only decreasing the time to patient but cutting down on creating any more.

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