The blue-light emergency phone polls are going dark at universities across the country. Why? They cost universities between $50,000 and $75,000 to upkeep just under 200 of them annually. Although a majority of calls came from prank calls or flat tires, many calls came from medical crisis', car accidents, and crime reports, and these polls gave students a sense of security and safety on their campus. Personally, just seeing the blue-light near by while walking home at night made me feel safe.

What it does

BlueLight is the mobile app to replace campus security and police polls used for emergencies. It makes the cost of "upkeep" next to nothing compared to thousands of dollars for the polls, it made the blue-light polls mobile, and it creates a net of security across your university.

What's next for Blue-Light

We would love to see BlueLight on our campus, the University of Colorado Boulder, and of course at other campuses across the country. We truly believe, although the original blue-light emergency phone polls are being taken down, there should still be some form of security that resembles these blue-lights.

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