`The recent wildfires in California have highlighted the need for an app people can utilize to quickly figure out where to navigate towards for safety

What it does

`We are developing a Facebook Messenger bot paired with a web app to help people in danger. Once the user contacts the bot, the bot gives you a route to safety and the number of the nearest first responder. The web app aggregates user data and maps it for first responders.

How I built it

Bootstrapped the web app's visualization of user data on a map using Create-React-App. Built the evacuation assistant bot using the Messenger platform. The Messenger bot sends the user safe locations/first responder info from the Firebase backend and sends user data back to the database. We used the Google Maps API to plot people in dangerous locations, immobilized users, unsafe locations, first responders, and evacuation centers.

Challenges I ran into

Data was wonky, markers on the map kept disappearing, formatting the schema in a way that's usable, connecting distributed systems together. Developing on the Messenger platform was confusing, and network latency made debugging difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building something that can really help people now. Actually submitting a project! Being able to delegate tasks evenly across the four of us. Communicating and collaborating on different components.

What I learned

Learned to use the Google Maps API, rendering in React, Firebase, Messenger platform

What's next for SafetyBeacon

Explore p2p/NFC technologies to help people find safe areas when mobile service is down

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