The inspiration behind this project is that people tend to encounter dangerous situations due to a lack of valuable information. If they knew ahead of time what dangers or accidents are happening or did happen in an area ahead of time, then they can diligently prepare for most of the dangerous situations they may encounter while traveling to new places.

What it does

Our app provides users with information regarding any arrest made within a state, and the type of offense made to warrant the arrest. It also provides users with the overall number of arrests made according to the type of offense.

How we built it

We used the Crime Data API provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to retrieve data based on the state a user-selected. Then we transferred that data into a pie chart format using KendoReacts UI library.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we encountered were:

  1. A late start: Originally we weren't sure if we'd have enough time to participate in the hackathon due to school and exams, but luckily we managed to finish our exams quick enough and have around 10 days to start.
  2. New languages and tools: Both of us have either never worked with javascript, CSS, HTML, and react, or do not have plentiful experience using external libraries often. Because of this we encountered a lot of roadblocks and had to search for many solutions before being able to bypass the problems we encountered. Because of this we experienced a very fast and enjoyable learning process and found our frontend development skills swiftly improving.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments we are proud of are that we managed to finish our application in time and bring our idea to reality. It was at the start an uncertain idea since we have never created an application like this before, but it brought a lot of euphoria every time we finished a task and were able to move onto the next one realizing how much closer we are to our goal.

What we learned

We learnt more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React overall, while also gaining substantial knowledge about REST operations and how to cooperate with other developers using Github.

What's next for SafetyApp

Plans we have for improving SafetyApp are:

  1. Allowing users to compare the crime between two states
  2. Providing more precise and updated data for users, since currently, we can only provide accurate data up to the year 2019.
  3. Allowing users to get data based on Street names and City names.
  4. Increasing the range of our dataset so that users outside of the US can also gain valuable information on places inside of their current country.
  5. Instead of using one big graph, we can split it up into multiple smaller graphs depending on the category of the offenses made. This way users can see the information more clearly.

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