Safety+ (Safety is #1 priority), aims to benefit of the Urban areas by providing basic health care facilities, find lost, road safety, incident tracking, blind care and more facilities. Now you can use this application based on the role. Firstly suppose if you are a Patient after login you can archive the following things,

  • Search Health care tips
  • Ask experts(doctors) regarding your topic
  • Use chat support for conversation
  • Track incident to make vision to hospital
  • Find lost people or property
  • Get your health report
  • Visualize the incidents
  • Take care of Blinds(New feature) - Under development

Demo / Testing :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This can be executed on web and android platforms. For this browser & internet connection are required to make use of it. It has mainly 5 entities they are Users, Doctors, Patients, Care Takers, Police Officer, Blinds etc. Any type user should login followed by registering and then update there own personal profile.

  • Register / Login / Forgot Password Initially you have to register first with help of either user name & password or else mobile # & password. If you have an account already, can directly login and here forgot password option also is there for that you can use login directly. Now login followed by update your profile(At least your user type). your user role is important, in your profile choose a right role. There are some user roles includes just user, Care Taker, Doctor, Police Officer, Admin & Super Admin.

  • In header, We have link for android app which can work on android platform. That we'll test later. And there is options for Language Picker, Notifications & Conversations. In language picker you have to select appropriate language. Once if you select it will be set as default language. The next one is Notifications, They are Recent Incidents, Patient's not replied messages, Mail & SMS services and more. The last one is the inbox you can see the unread messages sent to you.

  • Dashboard : Here you can see the all important over all status like total users(Doctors, Patients, Care Takers, Police Officer & etc), Safety+ usage history, Health Care categories, etc. Settings(Note : To get all the access of these master pages you require admin permission) : Based on the user will have the masters and permissions in settings. In modules master, we can add / Edit / Delete modules, Next users with roles master, Here we can add / edit / delete user roles and can give the module permission based on the role. Next master page is doctor's designation here we can add / Edit & Delete doctor designations.

  • Health Care : It has the important factor which is used for the Safety people. Here there will be some options like search tips, chat with. Users can get suggestions for his/her's health or disease. And also they can suggest alternate solution for that and can add new tips for different health category. If you want to comfortable solution from doctors you can use chat with option. it is an option which is used to chat regarding patient's disease. Enter your query then submit. As soon as submitted this query it will be notified to the specialist / doctors for further action The next one is safe open health live which is used for healthcare live sessions and chats. Here any person can start a new session with content type, stream type and session name. once configured then every buddy will have this active session. If it is related to them, they will join in that particular session.

  • Incidents : If any incident happened near by you, You can make it vision to the hospital & police. For that you have to pick the exact incident place and enter incident message then submit it. Basically it has high priority so it will be displayed in all type user's notifications. After that further action will be taken. It has high priority also.

  • Find Lost : If you lost person(Son, Daughter, Father, Mother or any other) or property(Mobile, Watch, Handbag, Purse, etc) as soon as any lost happened You can log it by using this application. For person lost you have to enter name(first, middle and last), identifies, address and maximum of 5 photographs then submit it. Basically it has high priority so it will be displayed in all type user's notifications. After that further action will be taken. It has high priority also.

  • Blind Care(Under development) : Basically this feature used to help the blind people while crossing on road.This app will keep on alerting him/her(blind person) if the distance between him/her and the road id lesser than equals to 5 feat else wont alert anything. and it automatically send help notification to the near by people. This is new and t requires GPS enabled mobile / tablet. Note:- It can be tested in android only.

  • Reports : Here you can get the incident reports based on the date and time, place & categories. The same actions you can do in Chat history.

The last one is Help and FAQ.

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