We watched a movie that showed the process of addiction, from medical prescription to heroine.

What it does

This IoT prescription pill dispensor only unlocks its contents when a smart phone app asks the doctor's servers if that person has a daily prescription. If that person is given permitted that medication, the device unlocks over wifi. If the person has used a certain number of unlocks, the device does not open. The android app states how many times the device is allowed to unlock with cute,non-overbearing UI with calming hand drawn graphics.

How we built it

We set up a local Node.js server listening on a port, and using android studio, we created an app to send posts and requests to the server. If Node.js parses the correct string/trigger, Node.js's Johnny-Five library tells the Servo motor to open and close.It also tells the connecting device that one pill was used, and the device updates itself and graphics. The pill bottle was made from cut up plastic with and Arduino board and servo motor.

Challenges we ran into

Everything we have done was all a challenge because we were learning how to make a phone app,server, and client-server network relationship for the first time. There was supposed to be a Raspberry Pi controlling the IoT pill dispenser so that the whole system would be wireless, but setting up a PhP server on the raspberry pi to interface with everything proved to be too much for just two people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

EVERYTHING! Everything we did was a massive learning curve.

What we learned

Making Servers in Node.js and PhP, wireless connecting smartphone, servers, and physical hardware, and interfacing to hardware.

What's next for Safety Seal

An app and a website for the doctor in case the user loses a pill. The user would have to call their doctor and the doctor can figure out if the user is abusing the pills if the phone calls are excessive.

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