Inspiration: Many dogs die because owners are unaware of how dangerous certain foods can be to their pets health. Not only can this save many dogs lives but this can educate many owners about how their beloved pets process different foods. Not only is this good for pet owners, but this can also be very helpful to anyone who would like to feed or shelter a homeless dog.

What it does: This app addresses the problem buy collecting information from many data points and securing it all in one place. Typically when you look for foods that are dog safe, you are forced to search through many websites which may have differing results and you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to risk feeding any certain item to your dog. This app helps to allow you access to reliable information that has been researched and determined very thoroughly. Any one with pets, looking for pets, or looking to take care of a homeless pet will benefit from this app.

How we built it: Using MIT App Inventor of Course!

Challenges we ran into: Everything keeps saying grapes. Anything that was not in our data base would come up as unsafe. The app had trouble identifying what was considered safe or unsafe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Overcoming many obstacles to stick with our project and come up with a successful, useful, helpful, working, and impressive application. We also won our local competition!!

What we learned: designing an app is a very difficult process and takes much more focus and concentration than one may think.

What's next for Safety Paws: Always collecting more information and constant research.Adding more items and possibly expanding to other pets.

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